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Decision-Making Under Severe Uncertainty  
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Welcome to the help-desk!

We have tried very hard to make this site user-friendly but ... due to our limited financial and human resources, we cannot offer you a whole raft of on-line help facilities. Also, providing such facilities is currently not on our agenda.

Still, we are very keen on making the site as useful and helpful as possible. We therefore welcome any constructive criticism/suggestions on all aspects of the site.

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As for the content, note that the material is organized under the following headings:

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To make the Core Material pages self-contained, some of the supplementary material (eg. Black Swan, New Nostradamuses, Modern alchemy) was added to them.

We do not provide help on the "academic" aspects of the material. However, we do accept invitations for seminars, lectures, workshops etc on the topics covered on this site.

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