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This web site contains material that I developed/collected, over the past few years, as part of my campaign to contain the spread of Info-Gap decision theory in Australia. If this is your first visit to my site I should point out that I launched this campaign at the end of 2006.

Browsing through my site you will see that these pages attest to the vigorous discussions that I have been having with my colleagues — mostly academics — since the end of 2003 about the various aspects of decision-making under severe uncertainty. And if you examine my professional profile you'll notice that I have been teaching and researching this and related topics for many years. So naturally, the discussions that you'll find here have a, so to speak, "academic" cast.

Still, I should point out that although I have been an academic for many years, I am acutely aware of the consequences that the so-called "academic" discourse, research and so on, may have for the messy realities of the "real world". I therefore make it a rule to ground my academic discussions on decision-making in the messy reality of the "real world".

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Faq # 1

Why doesn't the online clock display the AM/PM? (posted: April 14, 2009)

This question was posed by my wife so, it is first on the list.

This is meant to be a harmless, friendly practical joke.

The visitors to the site are from around the globe. The use of an AM/FM-free clock is an attempt to entice them to think about the time difference between their location and Melbourne.

If you would rather not rack your brains about this question, consult the implicitly AM/PM-equipped logon time stamp at the top of the page.

Disclaimer: This page, its contents and style, are the responsibility of the author (Moshe Sniedovich) and do not represent the views, policies or opinions of the organizations he is associated/affiliated with.

Last modified: Friday, 30-Dec-2011 13:08:18 MST